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Deborah Martínez Rosengaus

Mezzo Soprano

Shows and Concerts



Currently Covering at Opera San Jose

Florencia en el Amazonas

To receive the last minute alert if I am going on, please subscribe to the website. Either way, the show is going to be beautiful and tickets can be found at the link below.

No events at the moment

News and Reviews


Deborah Rosengaus’ bravura performance offered a wondrous blend of easy charisma and prickly fervor. In one scene after another, she brought out the creative energy of Jo’s writing career, her playful rapport with the neighbor boy Laurie, and her lordly but vulnerable management of her sisters. - SF Chronicle

Ben Vereen played the Leading Player (and won a Tony Award), but in Los Altos Stage Company’s version, the incredible Deborah Rosengaus makes that role her own. She is the whole package: A tall, dynamic, zesty woman with superlative skills in, oh….let’s see: magic, vocal interpretation, dance – and, naturally, acting. - Mercury News

As the Leading Player Deborah Rosengaus is often like the Emcee of Cabaret in her mixture of a welcoming broad smile and seductive invitations to the audience to be a part of the evening, which couples with an underlying hint of something diabolical and sinister in those eyes that pierce to the core and in that smile that is just too plastered to be real. Throughout the night, she will be creepily outstanding as narrator but also the antagonistic director who will try to force her way on the actors as they tell a story about her chosen protagonist, Pippin.


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